The National Center for Deaf-Blindness is hosting a two part series on communication development for families and professionals of individuals with deaf-blindness. The webinars will provide a argument that everyone can communicate, not that the can learn- but already can. In these webinars, the presenter will discuss meeting an individual where they are and being consistent with your communication. We personally know how challenging it can be to communicate when you speak a different language than the person in front of you. Jacob has overcome so many hurtles when it comes to communication; such as using written communication and his phone. Yet, we learn a bit more everyday. 

When approaching someone with deaf-blindness, it is important to understand that you communicate using a different language. It is no different than speaking to someone who speaks french, per say. The fundamental base of communication, such as body language and tone, will be there- but you won’t know how to verbally communicate. We are excited to share this webinar with you, and hope you learn from it! 

Part 1 of this series will be held on February 28.

Part 2 of this series will be held on March 21.

The webinar is free and registration is not required.

Presenter: Susan M. Bashinski, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator at Missouri Western State University