Ever wonder what is happening in Jacob’s world? We try to keep you updated over on the facebook group with small snippets of what Jacob is up to, but there are things we would like to share more information on! So- we are happy to launch a new series on the blog called “What’s up with Jacob?” In this series you will get a more in-depth look at special projects, fundraising highlights and general topics that Jacob is passionate about! We are excited to share these glimpses into Jacob’s world which we hope will help highlight what it is like to live each day with CHARGE Syndrome. 

So… on to the exciting things. 

Lately, Jacob has been extremely passionate about GARBAGE. More specifically… where trash goes when it leaves the home. As you could imagine all those cards Jacob makes create a lot of sticker trash. So, he set out to learn more about this topic. Where does it go when it leaves the house? What happens to it at the dump? Does it desinergrate or stay intact? 


Jacob, with the help of his caretaker Cassie, have set out on a journey to learn as much as possible when it comes to their daily waste. Together they have crated the post folder which holds they project idea, hypothesis, 30-60-90 day look at the project, as well as a conclusion. 

The project uses the above method of composting bottle which they created using compost fertilizer soil, cooked noodles, leaves and of course… STICKER TRASH. We are excited to see what happens with this project and keep you updated on the results. What do you think will happen to the sticker trash?


Stay tuned for more updates on the project! We will post what is happening to the compost bottle as well with information he learns at local recycling centers and the dump!