Learning a new language can be extremely overwhelming, we all know that. However, when it comes to learning ASL you are learning much more than a language. To communicate effectively with someone who is deaf or hard of hearing you must also understand their culture and normalities of their daily life. There are plenty of resource avenues you can go down to learn signs, but one that works extremely well is “the ASL app”. With this app you can look up videos of different words or phrases. What a great way to learn the signs! 

the ASL app’s website also answers a lot of questions in regards living with deafness that you may not feel comfortable asking someone. A few that we thought were interesting are….

What is the difference between deaf and Deaf?  

Deaf with the capitalized D represents people that are members of the Deaf Community, a linguistically unique community that used American Sign Language as their primary/prefered mode of communication. Deaf with the lower case d (deaf) refers to people with any degree of hearing loss. Identity is something that is decided by the individual. 

Do Deaf people like music?

Sure! There are Deaf dancers, musicians, DJs and right now a Deaf play on broadway! Deaf people attend music festivals, clubs and concerts. Many prefer strong drum and bass to feel the music and soak in the ambiance visually. There are incredibly talented Deaf people making music accessible and linguistically accurate through sign language.

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