With the weather getting nicer, we have been spending much more time outdoors! Jacob loves spending time outside working on his projects, drawing with chalk and hanging out with friends. More recently he has decided to start a new project in his community which involves cleaning his local parks and recreational areas of left behind trash.

For the last few months, Jacob has been very interested in trash- so it seems fitting that his next move would be helping to clean his environment of forgotten pieces. Jacob is picking different locations and spending an hour cleaning up what he finds during some of his downtime between programs. 

While trash clean up is important, we are also able to combine this with time to exercise and engage with the community! We feel like it is important to utilize our time with caregivers so that we can accomplish as much as possible during the day- so the idea that one activity like going to the park can combine three micro activities and skill building opportunities is right up our alley!

Due to Jacob’s deaf/blindness, spotting trash while walking is helping to hone in on his vision and be more aware of his environment. Community clean-up also helps with fine motor skills and balance! Who would think that something as simple as leaning down to pick up a forgotten cup could be so beneficial to not only the environment, but the individual doing it?

We are eager to see where this project takes Jacob and see it grow! Are you interested in joining Jacob on these efforts? We would love to have you join us for scheduled community pick up dates!