Happy Easter to our readers! Jacob takes all holidays very seriously around here- and has been working hard all week on crafts, cards and anything Easter related in preparation for Sunday! Do you and your family have any special traditions that you observe for the holiday? 

For us, the biggest thing for any holiday and surrounding ourselves with our family and friends. Taking the time to rejoice in the calm with those we love. So, Jacob was over the moon to celebrate with his friends from Ryan’s Bridge!

Ryan and his family were gracious enough to invite the group to their home for the party, where they had plenty of activities for the group to enjoy! The first activity that Ryan had up his sleeve was taking care of his pet chickens! The group got to feed the birds, make sure the chickens had their dose of love for the day and enjoy them running around the yard! Jacob had a great time learning something new! 


After the chickens were taken care of, the group went inside where there was plenty to do. Jacob and his friend dyed eggs together using the cutest little bunny eggs! Jacob enjoyed working his hand eye coordination skills by placing the eggs into the small containers and stirring the eggs as gentle as he can. 

After the group dyed eggs, they worked on making cinnamon muffins- which Jacob mixed and added to the cutest muffin liners that were shaped like flowers. For an individual that has vision impairments, filling muffin or cupcake liners can be a challenge. It is a task that requires a certain amount of precision. Jacob, however, loves the challenge and was patient while pushing his skills to expand. While the bake goods may not always be the correct size, its a fun skill building activity to try with your family!


While their snacks were baking, the group worked on Easter crafts together. They really enjoy this downtime together where they can be goofy and really just be together! Community is so important for Jacob, and we are grateful to have such wonderful friends to spend our days with. 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday, and get to spend time with your community! If you have a chance, take a moment to think about what it can feel like to a individual with a disability on a holiday. While many of us take for granted the basic traditions of a holiday- for those with special needs, this is a day that their regular schedules are thrown off. Individuals strive on routine and as happy of a day as it may be, there are challenges that come along with it.