We have been busy keeping up with Jacob the last few weeks! A lot has been going on, but one new thing we are noticing with Jacob is his interest in mirrors! We are all probably guilty of checking our selves when walking past a mirror. Jacob has been carrying around a hand mirror and/or a pocket mirror everywhere he goes as of late. 

As we know, Jacob sees the world differently than the rest of us. His low vision and obstructed vision leads us to believe he only sees pieces of the whole picture which is his environment. This makes it difficult for Jacob, like many of his peers, to navigate in new settings and environments. He is most comfortable in places he knows- such as home, his school and the community places he goes regularly (such as Wal-Mart, Dollar Store, Micheals). 

What has brought on this new interest of mirrors? We are not sure, but we think that maybe the light reflections and different perspectives help him to see things a bit more clear. His mirrors make things easier to hone in on and see in a even new perspective. 

We love watching Jacob learn and explore in new ways. What have you learned recently that expands your world?