As you may know, Jacob loves big. He is always on the lookout for how to serve his community and bring happiness to those around him. We are always looking for opportunities for Jacob to serve in his community through volunteer work. He is always eager to help out and is so excited when he sees his friends. Do you know of any volunteer opportunities Jacob could assist in?

We have tried many volunteer opportunities from community events, consignment sales, soup kitchens and even the local human society. He is capable of doing anything he sets his mind to, as we all are. One opportunity he enjoys is helping out at each week is putting together the bulletins for The Cove Church.

Jacob spends each Saturday at The Cove Church putting together their welcome packets for Sunday service. During this time he works with his caregiver and a team to put together a bulletin which contains all that is needed to have a successful worship, including a pen! We look forward to this Saturday afternoon time to serve, because not only are we helping our community but we are creating community. In the last year, Jacob has been welcomed onto the team as though he is family. He looks forward to his time with his friends and serving. 

When you have a child with CHARGE Syndrome, you quickly learn the importance of community. Jacob is always so happy to know his work has purpose and meaning to others. We are grateful to have a church community who is so eager to not only accept Jacob as his own, but to learn about him and take the time to get to know him.